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A Warm Welcome to Panache


Panache exists because a group of people share a passion to create beautiful homes; to deliver results that surprise and delight with their craftsmanship and vision. Designed for the ambitious with lifestyle in mind, we take inspirational style and key elements from distinctive identity, which evokes the story of the creative process.

Noted through visual research and conceptual thinking, we are passionate about using holistic design with a refined aesthetic. All our work is underpinned by a strong sense of place and sensitivity to the surrounding context. To complement our design work, the studio carries out research through innovative, culturally-relevant and socially-responsive initiatives.



We believe in enriching lives through design.

This philosophy is reflected in our own work, in our design choices and in the suppliers and partners that we collaborate with. It is embedded in our strong conviction that an interior should balance aesthetics with layers of visual generosity. Woven into our work is texture, warmth, refined comfort and a sense of the client’s personality.

Central to our work are our clients – the people who live their lives in the spaces that we create for them.

We are equally defined by the result of our work and the experience we create in the process. Together we deliver creative, intelligent, practical and cohesive interiors – be they residential or hospitality projects.


We are often asked how we work, what projects we take on and the process once we are engaged as interior designers. Below we aim to demystify the process.

Our design philosophy is centred on enriching lives through design, with a commitment to well resolved and cohesive outcomes. As such, we focus on projects that we are able to realize in their entirety and therefore are not able to take on small consulting work, styling or parts of projects.

We offer a full interior design service, from concept through to completion, delivering professional well-documented solutions that exceed expectations and add value to projects. Our attention to detail is evident through the entire design and decorative process.